1. The Star Wars Uncut saga continues…

    We’ve got galactic-sized news for all of our fans, new and old. Today marks the official launch of the next chapter in the Star Wars Uncut story: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.

    We created Star Wars Uncut in 2009 with just some blood, sweat, and pipe cleaners. It took time and a lot of trial and error to figure out how to bring this new concept to life—we learned a lot alongside our thousands of contributors. With one fan-made film under our belt and plenty of inspiration, we can’t wait to get fans together to recreate the next episode in the galactic saga. Past contributors, new friends, and future Jedis of the world: we know you have a lot more up your sleeves for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.

    This past weekend, we went to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando to screen A New Hope Uncut and announce the new project. We saw Muppet Stormtroopers, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing Wookies, trashcan R2D2s and all kinds of homemade Star Wars fun. Passionate fans reimagining Star Wars is precisely why we love Uncut, which is why we shot this trailer for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. It stars all of Celebration VI, an 80s-style voiceover tribute to the original, and a bunch of characters we hope show up in this next installment.

    Now is your chance to be a part of the largest fan remake ever. The Force is with us. All of us.

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